Moink offers ethical meat boxes delivered to your doorstep. Our customizable boxes include options for wild-caught salmon, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture raised pork, grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, and pasture raised chicken. Owned and operated by farmers, we are proud of the work we do and inspired by the people we feed.

We connect tender-hearted carnivores with high quality, humanely raised and ethically sourced meat from small family farms.

We Curate. You Personalize.

Moink Boxes are fully customizable. Start with the standard and then make swaps to personalize it to your preferences.

Personalize Your Order & Get Your Free Bacon! 

A great product does not need altering.  

Exceptional Taste. Exceptional Quality.  

Our meat is antibiotic free. We do not use growth hormones. We do NOT feed GMO grains. Our products are not altered to doctor the color. There are no nitrites or nitrates in our products.



At Moink you get to have your steak & eat it too. You get to enjoy the highest quality meat you won't find anywhere else while making a deep and meaningful impact of the lives of America's family farmers. Here it is straight from the farmer's mouth:

"To say that this year has been another roller coaster of a ride in the hog business would be an understatement. Thanks to a local company called Moink we went from wondering if we were going to be on the way out of the hog business at year end (due to the corona virus) to "We can ship your pork to any map dot in the United States." Thanks to answered prayers we are still in business." Clayton Hawkins - Moink Hog Farmer Bethel, MO

Not yet a regular Moink Customer? Join The Moink Moovement today! (And get Free Bacon)

Our land animals are raised outdoors, on pasture, and our fish swim wild in the ocean.


So excited for our first #moinkbox ! I encourage you to support family farms with healthy, happy, sustainable, ethical meat, through groups like #moinkbox! For this quality of meat, and the ethical sources, it’s surprisingly cheaper than the less ethical equivalent at other grocery stores! Use this link to check them out, Stay tuned for recipe documentation. 🥰👍🏻


It’s been a stressful few weeks but I can say we are finally settling into our #newhome. I’m loving everything about the #newspace and throughly enjoying my time cooking in the #newkitchen.

One thing that has made the transition easier was a delivery of ethical meat & seafood from 
#moinkbox contains 13-16 pounds of grass-fed meat, sustainably caught fish and pasture raised chicken (you choose the combination). Having this on hand made preparing healthy #homecookedmeals during this crazy time that much easier


First unboxing of our MoinkBox

My wife and I were frustrated after hearing that overseas countries that are processing our meat are exempt from disclosing the location of where the meat came from. Well we found a solution. 
#getmoinked #moinkbox

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